This Is Hard Water Treatment Device

UB’CAL Electronic Water Conditioner

Converts Hard Water To Soft Water

UBCAL Electronic Water Conditioner Is A Cost-Effective Solution To Achieve “Living” Structured Softer Water Using High Resonance Frequency Hard Water Treatment Technology With Zero Maintainence

UB’CAL Provides Water Conditioning Technology that alters the structure of water molecules

We all know that 75% of our earth is made up of water.

Of the 97.7% of earth’s water, 75% is in the form of oceans.

Only 1.8% of this fresh water make up the glaciers and 0.8% fresh water is in the form of water and is at our disposal.

Hard Water

  • Ground water extracted through bore wells and wells, most of the time is combined with calcium and magnesium, sodium and other minerals.
  • The hardness of the water comes from the calcium & magnesium salts that dissolved into the water form soluble rocks through which the rainwater flows.

Hard water is easily detectable, whether individual is performing personal hygiene, such as washing hair, or through the appearance of fixtures and appliances.


UB’CAL is India’s Top Selling Electronic Water Conditioner, providing homeowners, farmers, industrial and commercial customers with a cost-effective solution to Hard Water Problems. UB’CAL requires no maintenance, chemicals, or salt. No filters are used.







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Salt Free

Chemical Free

No Maintainance


Enjoy Softer Water And A Scale Free Home, Sustainable Agriculture Farming Or Businesses With Our Incredibly Efficient UB”CAL Electronic Water Conditioner.


  • The UB’CAL descales pipes, home appliances, while preventing new scale formation. 
  • There are no filters, maintenance or cleaning required.
  • It pays for itself in cost savings rapidly.
  • This is your best return on investment.
  • It is guaranteed for forty years.


What People Say About Us

“After more than 6 years of having a UB’CAL System in our apartments and recommending it to many of my customers, all of whom are very happy with it, I strongly recommend that UB’CAL System be in every home. Here is why. The UB’CAL is an electronic descaling system. It will eliminate all hard mineral buildup in water heaters, piping, showerheads, ice makers and any other water using equipment. It does this without adding any salts. UB’CAL is excellent device for HARD WATER TREATMENT and my experience in doing business with them over the last 6 years has been very positive.” – Secretary – Mr.Ramana Rao, Sneha Towers, Vijayawada

  • 7 YEARS ago I installed an UB’CAL. When I received it I noticed right away the quality of the product. I was still very skeptical of how it would work, I noticed a thicker, quicker and richer suds buildup with considerably less detergent, both in the kitchen sink and in the washing machine. After two weeks our dishes are now free of hard water spots and we are not getting the hard water buildup on our faucets or stainless steel sink. It will eliminate all hard mineral buildup in water heaters, piping, showerheads, ice makers and any other water using equipment. I can’t believe what I’m seeing!! …and No Maintenance & NO FILTERS to change!! I would highly recommend your product.” – Mr.Narayana, General Manager-Retd., BHEL, Hyderabad

“It has been TEN YEARS since I installed your water softener we are not getting the hard water buildup on our stainless steel faucets or sink and I have not once had to clean a faucet screen. I have great water pressure throughout our home and all of the faucets flow like new but the best part is that our water taste better then ever” – Mr.Uma Maheswara Rao, Mandadam, Amaravati.

  • “The UB’CAL is fantastic, I get all the benefits of soft water, no hard water stains, use less soap, everything cleans easier. UB’CAL replaced already using Salt based Softner, which we are using from past 7 YEARS, without any Maintenance. It is very Economical and saved us lot of Money every month. The UB’CAL is easy to install and no salt to haul.” – Mr.Sastry, Badri Heights, Vijayawada