• In commercial and Industrial Environments lime scale clog everything metallic or non metallic that water touches. This effect doubles and triples where heat is involved. Hot water heaters, dishwashers, and industrial cooling equipment foul easily with hard lime scale.
  • In the commercial sector, our UB’CAL Electronic Water Conditioner lower the mineral content of hard water, thus protecting pipes, fixtures, appliances, and humans from lime scaling damage. Soft water drastically reduces energy consumption.
  • The UB’CAL system is designed to work in all types of water conditions, and in a short period of time can effectively remove existing calcium deposits and prevents new scale formation.

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Effectively Used In

  • Housekeeping/ General Cleaning : Huge savings are realized in all phases of cleaning including the bath­rooms and in the kitchen because there is less scale buildup in toi­lets, showers, nozzles and faucets. Reduced labor and savings in cleaning chemicals benefit your bottom line.
  • Laundry : Scale deposit control in steam ironing machines, washing machines. You will typically cut detergent use in half. Cloths and towels will feel softer, look brighter and last longer, making your clients feel more pampered.
  • Dishwashers : Lime scale buildup in the dishwasher lines and on glassware and dishes will be reduced
  • Laundry : Scale deposit control in steam ironing machines, washing machines. You will typically cut detergent use in half. Cloths and towels will feel softer, look brighter and last longer, making your clients feel more pampered.
  • Plumbing system : Your entire building’s plumbing system will be de-scaled without any chemicals or re-plumbing. This results in huge savings in heating costs. If the plumbing ever needed replacement in the building, the cost would be astronomical.
  • Water heater tanks: Scale control on heating coil and tank will allow for the water heaters to work more efficiently resulting in huge energy savings.
  • Enhance your Reverse Osmosis (RO) process: The RO membranes need to be replaced and are costly. The fineness of the membranes is known to produce a restricted water flow. Hard water problems compound the problem. The UB’CAL will enhance the operation of the RO system by keeping the membranes clearer, last longer, use less water and require less frequent membrane replacements.
  • Drinking water, coffee machines, soda dispensers : Soda dispensers will operate more efficiently, the tap water will taste much better (the breeding ground for bacteria- lime scale, will be gone). Coffee machines will use water with calcium in it, improving the taste dramatically over a water softener.
  • Biofilm, corrosion, algae, & colloids in fluid-fed equipment : Bacteria and algae must attach to something before they can feed and reproduce. UB’CAL will keep the bacteria, algae and their food dispersed in the water, off of surfaces and away from their bio-film breeding ground. The bio-film will eventually die.
  • Cooling Towers : Huge savings in maintenance, biocide chemicals, labour and water us­age. UB’CAL reduces scale build-up, bacteria, Biofilm, corrosion and algae blooms. It will reduce makeup water/ blow downs sub­stantially, resulting in huge water savings. Increase life of equipment and it will lower energy costs by about 25%.
  • Chillers/Condensers/Air handlers : Lime scale deposit control on heat exchanger tubes and surfaces resulting in energy savings of 5-7%.
  • Boilers : Huge savings in chemicals and labor maintenance. Reduces scale formation on boiler fire tubes, condensation tank, pumps, pipes and valves. Lowers energy costs by 25% and extends equipment life.
  • Ovens : UB’CAL will control lime scale deposits on spray nozzles that douse the cooked meat product with cooling water. Ovens are cleaned with high pressure hot water jets and chemicals. Our unit will extend the life of the cleaning equipment and reduce time to service the equipment.
  • Ice Machines : Scale deposits can cause cubes to be cloudy and clogs in the water flow. UB’CAL reduces filter clogs, Biofilm and contaminants. Maintenance and downtime are also reduced and equipment lasts longer.
  • Creating Healthy Green, Plants & Landscapes: The UB’CAL treated water with its reduced surface tension, increases solubility, better nutrient penetration into root structures; increased nutrient uptake, transpiration and microscopic calcium particle size, all work to reduce the incidence of tip burn. Their greatest benefit is the increase in healthy growth imparted to the landscape they provide water to.
  • Swimming pools and Spas : Sparkling Clear Water. Bacteria, algae and pathogens are reduced .Uses less chlorine. No fixed chlorine – a greatly reduced smell of Chlorine. Reduced chemistry means reduced eye irritations. Reduces backwashes – saves energy.Eliminates the need for coagulants. Reduces acid for pH control. SOFT SILKY FEELING of the water when it surrounds your body.


  • UB’CAL will remove all lime scale deposits that has built up in your pipes & equipment easily.
  • Lime scale deposits will never form again once removed.
  • Water will feel “softer”, and soap will lather up much more.
  • Soap and detergent use can be cut back by 25% or more.
  • Less scum will allow for soap and detergents to work more effectively.
  • Water heater will work much more efficiently.
  • Premature failure of water heater and heating elements are no longer a problem.
  • Water heating bill will reduce dramatically.
  • Skin will feel smooth and hair will be much more manageable.
  • Stains on sinks, basins, toilets will be easily wiped away.
  • Dishwasher, washing machine and other water fed appliances will operate more efficiently.
  • Shower heads will no longer clog up with lime scale.
  • Water filters and RO membranes will work more efficient.
  • With scale removed, there is a less likelihood for bacteria, making your water healthier.
  • Coffee will taste better, and juices & concentrates will be much more flavorful.