Poultry Farming

By using UB’CAL technology, you can reliably soften water without salt or chemicals. It is reliable in all water conditions and at all flow rates.

Now with the most recent advances it is possible to dramatically transform the physical nature of water chemistry. This transformation works to make profound changes in both water and in turn improve the biological chemistry of Birds. The UB’CAL digital water softening system implements a cascading group of benefits for Bird’s life.

These benefits have been shown to translate directly into economic benefits for the Poultry Farmer.

Know More “How UB’CAL treats Hard Water Using High Resonance Frequencies And Without Using Salts, Chemicals


  • Reduce influences of hardness and salinity in water
  • Delivers the minerals in water as nutrients and not scale.
  • Increase the solubility of minerals, thus facilitating the better transfer of the
  • nutrients to all parts of the body of poultry via the membrane
  • Birds become more energetic which in fact is first of all, the sign of their good health
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Improves Natural Bacterial Resistance
  • Liveability and Production efficiency increases
  • Improves the Efficacy of Disinfectants
  • e-coli count decreases by 90%. Reduces Algae Formation
  • An effective de-scaling and scale prevention system
  • Keep drinking Cones and Cooling panels clean and scale free
  • Capital equipment last longer. Reduced running costs
  • Quick return on your Investment

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